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Understanding the Leadership context of Women
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The growing uncertainty in the global marketplace and competition for talent in high growth economies – has brought into sharp focus the important need to move beyond the short-term challenges of retention, recruitment, and attrition – to building lasting companies that will respond to the vast range of stakeholders that define business organizations and markets worldwide.

Women in business and society are shattering the traditional styles of leadership -- and redefining authentic leadership in an unprecedented, productive, innovative, and inclusive way. This is increasingly putting pressure on CEOs and HR leaders in corporations worldwide to redefine their future markets and re-prioritize their roles in organizations, that go beyond the traditional cultural formats to seek new ways to bring innovative best practices in the workplace for high performance.

Leading the trend is the increasing focus on understanding the role that senior women executives can play in enhancing business performance, and the vast talent-pool that is available among women executives that is clearly not being leveraged by business and society.

The "WILL Mentoring Program" responds to this compelling opportunity for harnessing the power of gender in shaping the present and future of business and unleashing the potential of women for benefitting the vast community of stakeholders. The "Creating Women Business Leaders" Program is designed to usher the next generation of high potential women to succceed as individuals, team leaders, and organizational visionaries.

The "WILL User's Guide" aims to provide a collective bandwith of learning experiences from over 2,500 women executives across companies in India and worldwide -- and celebrates the ways in which mentoring can provide life-altering experiences, fortitude, and leadership conviction to the women of corporate India.

We hope that you will join us in harnessing that "critical bend on the curve of leadership."


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