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WILL - KPMG Report 2010

In Pursuit of Balanced Leadership:
Pioneering the Path for Corporate India

A Survey for Benchmarking Corporate India’s Future

Poonam Barua
Founder Convener
Forum for Women in Leadership
Sangeeta Singh
Executive Director

The inspiration for balanced leadership – is that it gives space and bandwidth for creating an eco-system that promises to produce quality decisions within an open and diverse environment. Balanced Leadership will be sharply sensitive to business risk, strategic innovation, and harnessing the best talents within the organization for responding to future markets for excellence in business and stakeholder wealth creation.

The WILL Forum initiated the dialogue and discussion on “Redefining Balanced Leadership for Corporate India” at the 11th WILL Forum meeting, hosted by GE India – and it was most enlightening to find the high level of maturity within the senior women on how they view the concept of equality in the workplace as a critical component of good governance, innovative leadership, and an open cultural environment in the organization –and not as gender-specific issue.

The women leader also collectively felt that the current state of leadership in corporate India is in a state of imbalance, and there is a critical need to pioneer ways to improve gender equity—particularly in corporate boardrooms and top-management positions, for better decision making and strategic overview of company performance and rewards to stakeholders.

This has led to the WILL-KPMG Report and survey, which has fully substantiated – without doubt – that corporate India agrees that women will bring greater strategic vision, ethics and integrity, customer orientation, quality decision making, talent development, resource optimization, and risk management to the top-management of companies. The WILL-KPMG Report also fully dismantles the stereotypes of women only being recognized for bringing greater “softer” competencies to organizations – like collaboration, team-building, multitasking, flexibility, and related lateral areas.

It is time for corporate India to show the courage and fortitude to overcome years of disregard to the potential of women executives, and join the nation in investing in women and presenting an equal opportunity environment for driving economic change at corporate decision-making levels.

Talent is universal – opportunity is not. Let us make way for a smarter, caring and more progressive planet.


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