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WILL HANDBOOK - "Sharing Best Practices for Women in the Workplace"

Leading Best Practices for Women have been categorized into:

A. Enabler Policies—Building an Eco-System for Women
B. Career Advancement
C. Family-Friendly Policies
D. Work Life Balance
D. Policies Relating to Maternity Roles for Women
E. Diversity Initiatives
F. Equal Employment Opportunity
G. Employee Welfare

The WILL Handbook is a tribute to all the hardworking women across India and worldwide -- and is the outcome of over 700 senior women executives, who have participated in discussions on creating sustainable and best-employer organizations.

The WILL Handbook is based on the understanding that women are creating a "differentiating style of leadership" that is open, congenial, consensus-building, and flexible -- which is much more conducive to today's diverse workforce -- where information is shared freely, collaboration is vital, and teamwork distinguishes the best companies.

The WILL Handbook is a call to every corporate CEO, HR leader, and top-management that wants to ensure that they are able to recruit, retain, and grow women leaders in the organization – that will define the global leadership of the future which will demand an equal partnership between men and women as customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and colleagues.

You may order copies of the WILL Handbook by writing to : willforum@pamasiaglobal.com


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