December 8, 2017, Taj West End Bangalore

With Poonam Barua, CEO WILL Forum India, and Author of “Leadership by Proxy”
Mentoring 10,000 women for New Age Companies!

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Inspiring "WILL Mentees: Batch of 2017!”
Taj Lands End Mumbai, August 11, 2017

Visionary for Women
Training Senior Women executives
for leadership Positions

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"9th WILL Creating Women Business Leaders Program":

Congratulations to 50 Fast Track Women Executives!
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"WILL Mentees: Batch of 2017", Taj Lands End, Mumbai
August 7 –11, 2017

WILL Forum India: Women in Leadership and Good Governance in Canada!

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WILL Best Employers for Women: Benchmarking!

Benchmarking Companies for Equal Opportunity,
Diversity, and Balanced Leadership

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Best Employers for Women Company Awardees: 2016
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"The focus is really to build successful, wise and gifted members of society and
the workplace – people who are comfortable about leading the change…."

WILL Handbook: 3M: Building Sensitive, Sensible and Sustained Leadership ( 2014)



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