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7th Annual Women in Leadership Conference: 2014
“Balanced Leadership for New Age Companies:
The Competitive – Edge of Inclusivity.”

October 27-28, 2014, Taj Lands End Ballroom, Mumbai
Conference Registrations: Open!
(Open for Men and Women Executives)


Key Conference Sessions and
Focus areas for Corporate India:


Balanced Leadership for Diversity, Inclusivity, and Business Success
· Value of Women to Wealth-Creation, Innovation, and Sustainable Growth
· Remaining on the Ramp: What can companies do to Retain and Advance the Talent of Women?
· Defining Best Employers for Women in the Workplace: Validating equal opportunity best practices in the workplace
· Redefining "Meritocracy" for New Age Companies
· Building Gender-Sensitive Leadership: The important role of Male Managers in leading Diverse Stakeholders
· Closing the Gender Leadership Gap in Corporate India: Where does the problem lie?
· Balanced Boards for Good Governance: Understanding the Importance of Women on Boards
· Gender -neutral assessments – and Gender-neutral audits – Is corporate India ready?

WILL Best Empolyers for Women Companies:
Recognition and Awards:

Thomson Reuters, Sodexo, Starwood Resorts, Genpact,
Barclays Shared Services, Monsanto India, Cagemini

WILL Women’s Choice Awards: 2014
Diversity, Balanced Leadership, Mentorship!

WILL- Castrol Best Mentee Award: 2014
600 WILL Mentees!
WILL-KPMG “Women on Corporate Boards Certifications

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Conference Participating Companies
Partial Listing

Tata Consultancy Services; Aditya Birla Group; Microsoft India; Castrol India; KPMG; IDFC Ltd.; Thomson Reuters; Mahindra & Mahindra;
Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels; Amazon India; The Indian Hotels Company; Axis Bank; Barclays Shared Services ; Capgemini India; GE India; Genpact; Sodexo India; Vodafone; Tata Power; Canara HSBC Oriental Life Insurance; MetLife Global Center; International Paper; Bristol-Myers Squibb India;
MSD Pharmaceuticals, Eaton Technologies; Yum Restaurants; TAFE Ltd.; Duetche Bank Global Services; Bank of America, Deloitte,
Nestle India, Monsanto India and others


“7th WILL Annual Women in Leadership Conference”
Registration Open!



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  Releasing WILL Conference Research Report:

  · WILL Handbook: 3M, Building Gender Sensitive Leadership
  · The Competitive –Edge of Inclusivity.