"WILL Digital Women: 2017!

Join the mission for Advancing Women -
giving "voice" to Aspirations for 500 million women of India ... since 2007!

Greetings for the New Year and a warm Festive Season!

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9th WILL Creating Women Business Leaders Program: 2017
Celebrating 670 WILL Mentees …since 2009
Annual 5-Day Cross-Industry Residential Mentoring Program
July 3-7 2017, Mumbai


9th WILL Annual Conference - 2016
November 7, 2016 - Mumbai

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Video Gallery
Defining Best Employers for Women : https://youtu.be/0_4Ncf42ZLE
CEO'S must lead Women Agenda : https://youtu.be/2grv0R1A8fM
What is your Gender Quotient Index? : https://youtu.be/rrlWgM2jeQA
Power of Self Women! : https://youtu.be/n_8SVee8yss

Honouring Best Employers for Women -


Watch video at https://lnkd.in/fcMG4mg
  WILL Building Gender-Sensitive Leadership
Reaching out to Male Managers:
One Day Workshop for your Company

"The focus is really to build successful, wise and gifted members of society and
the workplace – people who are comfortable about leading the change…."

WILL Handbook: 3M: Building Sensitive, Sensible and Sustained Leadership ( 2014)



Releasing - “Leadership by Proxy” for the Women of corporate India!

Distinguished Prof. George Mathew and Prof. Beryl Radin
presenting  "Leadership by Proxy" at
the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi
Mr. Tom Albanese, CEO, Vedanta Group,
"Leadership by Proxy"

Its not about Women — Its About Women in Leadership!


Live Mint - Interview

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Senior Women Executives in India find strength in numbers

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Creating Women Business Leaders: Differentiating Styles of Women Executives"

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WILL Handbook

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The WILL White Paper
“Remaining on the Ramp”!

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